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Having video on your site is a powerful way to show what your business is all about. Small businesses from all industries are using videos to create leads and sales online as well as educate your visitors. Actually 75% of U.S adults are more likely to purchase after watching a video about a product or service. Even if you have the most straight-forward product or service in the world, there are still plenty of ways for you to creatively use videos on your website.

Make your ‘About’ section more personal

When you’re introducing yourself, why not talk directly to your visitors through video? You can show your unique personality, as well make their visit more personable. Write a short script about yourself and/or your business. We can add aerial shots of your business too. Remember, your site visitors are going to talk to you or a salesperson at one point or another. Have that key sales person or CEO (or we can provide an actor for you) speak to the mission of the company.

Create video tutorials

Blogging is a great way to put forth your expertise, useful information and tips. Vlogging (video blogging) can show more of your personality and speak to your followers directly. Yes Followers! You can create a great foundation of loyal customers that come to you for information and training. It’s a way of showing the exact steps of a task or use of a product, instead of just writing text instructions. Think about it – watching a software program being used is a more entertaining then just reading about it?

Create a separate section for videos

If you’re an artist with a ton of videos, this is a great way to go. Name the section “Videos” or “Media”. If you are going to have a lot of videos, you can list them organize them chronologically or by category. If you only have a few videos and don’t plan on adding new ones regularly, you can put the one you want people to watch most up at the top as a "featured" video. This is prime real estate and is likely to get the most views.

Other benefits of video

Placing video on your website is a smart business practice. Here’s why: 1. Video makes your website "sticky". Videos provide an interactive experience for site visitors. By using videos, businesses can highlight promotions, provide tutorials, and show customers how products operate. The engaging nature of video encourages users to spend much more time on a page, thereby increasing stickiness and any ad revenues. 2. Interactive videos help you "upsell." Videos can convey more essential data in a shorter time. Instead, they get "exposed" exactly the data you want to deliver. Videos with clickable links direct users to appropriate pages in the website or to other video selections, providing additional opportunities for you to cross-sell and upsell. 3. Videos drive traffic. Search engines now offer video as part of integrated search results. With proper SEO, videos can drive traffic that might otherwise be directed elsewhere to your website instead.

How do we know so much about the websites and video?

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