“Shelter” Music Video

Thanks to Kenny Turck for bringing me the project.
Thanks to all those that were involved (some of which are tagged)
Thanks to Rock House Productions for help playing on the song and producing the music. You guys are awesome! I cant wait to come back and shoot the rest of Kenny’s songs there.
I have to thank God for all his blessings in my life and his wonderful creation of CAFFINE!

Kenny Turck describes the video: See here: http://tinyurl.com/sheltervideo2009
Shelter Music Video–From the Perspectives in Belonging Series
Kenny Turck & Just Rite Productions

With several recent teen suicides in my region of the state I wanted to post this video again to help adults and caregivers to stop and increase their awareness of kids that are struggling to fit in, experiencing bullying, etc. and challenge us to take a stand on behalf of these youth and by doing so intentionally create a “ripple effect” in youth culture and the adults that are part of their lives. This video is about a young man I used to work with many years ago who had not seen his mom or dad for several years–he was ten years old at the time–every kid has story–every grown up kid has a story…the ingredients of experiences that create the recipe of our lives are often unknown by many because a lot of kids (and adults) struggle to feel comfortable expressing their feelings about being hurt, sad, confused, angry, etc. because they are not able to find the words. We all get stuck sometimes and can’t see past where we are and it is at these times we need to be someone else’s light to help them find their way. When we feel like nobody will understand what they are going through it can be an extremely difficult time. We all likely experience these times at some point in our lives–This video is intended to increase our awareness and sensitivity for young people and to take a stand against bullying to take a stand to be more aware that everyone has a story. Together we can make a difference but we need to strop looking the other way. This September I am beginning a 100 day challenge as school resumes to educate school personnel, parents, youth, and community members and to take a stand to Pay-It-Forward. Together we can make a difference.

This video was made in 2009 with the help of my good friend Mike Moyers and many youth volunteers and the generosity of Chris Davis of Famous Davis Productions, MNWest Technology, George Maurer, and Rockhouse Productions.

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“Shelter” Music Video

Thanks to Kenny Turck for bringing me the project. Thanks to all...

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